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110Machine de scie à maçonnerie en pierre de tailleur de marbre électrique mm

1240W 110mm stone cutter for marble, masonry, tile etc.

power tools 1240W 110MM tile saw electric stone cutting machine marble cutter

HOW DOES IT WORK? A marble cutter is drafted to work for both wet and dry cutting. The cutter is housed with a circular disc like cutting blade with/ without ridges which is mounted on an axis and is powered by a motor. The basic principle is similar to that of a circular saw used for wooden cutting.

Puissance nominale:1240O
Vitesse à vide:12000tr/min
Cutting blade diameter:110millimètre
Max 90° cutting depth:34millimètre
Max 45° cutting depth:29millimètre

scie à maçonnerie coupe pierre

electric marble cutter machine