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Conseils pour le mélangeur à palette électrique

You did pay enough money for your brand new paddle mixer
Do not pay the same for its maintenance

Save your money and your time with following tips:

using drill as mixer

#1. Occasional and light duty mixing jobs-involving mainly paints or varnishes -can also be done by conventional drill(2 speed one will do well) equipped with adapter for the paddle attachment

#2 Mixing sticky and viscous materials like mortar,plasters,tile adhesives ,fillers,etc. Requires powerful mixer of at least 1300W equipped with gear mechanism.

stirring putty using electric paddle mixer
using rotary hammer drill and electric drill as mixers

#3 Avoid using rotary hammers and compact drills for stirring viscous materials/. Either the motor may burn up or the safety clutch is likely to get damaged.

#4 If mixing paints or materials that tend to splash all over the bucket ,a mixer with soft start feature is a wise purchase.

soft start to using electric mixer

#5 Fill the bucket in line with mixing blade size, so that the blade can immerse fully into the material

#6 Allow for the paddle’s diameter to be about a third of the bucket size. In the way, the paddle fits in the container comfortably without getting stuck or damaging the bucket

#7 B e careful not to exceed the paddle max diameter accepted by the mixer-120mm,140millimètre,160mm are most used sizes. Otherwise, the spindle may get damaged

#8 For low viscosity(thin-liquid to pasty) materials like paints,varnishes,glue,etc.-FN and LX type paddles are mostly applicable.

FN and LX type paddles for putty mixers
DLX and KR type paddles  for mixers

#9 For medium viscosity(pasty to tough) materials like adhesives,sealants,fillers,etc. –DLX and KR type paddles are mostly used.

#10 For heavy viscosity(tough to heavy) materials like mortar,béton,plaster,epoxy resin,etc. –MKN and WK type paddles are widely used.

MKN and WK type paddles for electric mixer

Extra tips: Use mixing paddles from trusted suppliers to ensure long tool life at low service cost