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450धातु चक के साथ डब्ल्यू कॉर्डेड पावर ड्रिल ड्राइवर मशीन

450W 10mm Electric Corded Drill Machine with Reverse Forward multi-function

Electric Corded Power Drill Driver Machine 450W 10mm

A power drill can handle everything from drilling and driving to sanding and buffing. A cordless drill gives you all these benefits without the hassle of a cord. A cordless drill typically comes with a battery and a charger

वोल्टेज / आवृत्ति:220वी-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Metal Chuck size:10मिमी
मूल्यांकित शक्ति:450वू
बिजली का केबल:2m VDE certification
रंग बॉक्स आकार:22.5*23*6.5सेमी
Single color box weight:1.14kg/1.28kg
मात्रा/सीटीएन:10 पीसीएस/सीटीएन
डब्बे का नाप:48*33*24सेमी
Carton N/G Weight:10.7kg/13kg

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450W electric corded drill

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