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600W Hand Tool Woodworking Electric Planer

Corded Electric Hand Wood Planer for Woodworking,3-1/4 Inch, handheld power planer for sale

Corded Electric Hand Wood Planer for Woodworking,3-1/4 Inch

A woodworking electric planer. Its primary function is to smooth the surface of wood, but it can also be used to smooth wood’s rough end grain. It’s also used for tapering wood. If a door is too wide, for instance, make passes with a power planer over the side of the door, adjusting the depth gauge to give a cut of the desired depth.

Product Feature:
1.600W high power motor for heavy duty use
2.Aluminum body design, longer use life
3.Soft grip for comfortable operation
4.Easy to carry

Item No.:ETEP600
Power source.:Corded Electric
Planing Depth:82*1mm
Voltan Ternilai:220-240V
Rated Frequency:50-60HZ
Kuasa Input Dinilai:600W
Kelajuan Tanpa Beban:16000rpm
Saiz kotak warna:35*20*18cm
Berat badan:about 3.3kg

wood planer

woodworking tool electric hand planer