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Peniup Udara Pembersih Vakum Bertali Elektrik dengan Beg Habuk

800W electric corded air blower vacuum cleaner, can be used as dust cleaner.

wholesale electric vacuum cleaner air blower 800W with Dust bag

Leaf Air Blower, use it for leaves that have been trapped around rocks, at the bases of fences, or in the tight spots around your house. It’s also handy for getting leaves off your deck, or for removing small amounts of dirt and grass clippings from your drive.

1. Blowing and Vacuum Function Switch, One Key Conversion
2. 6 Speed Regulation
3. Powerful Motor, 100% Copper Wire
4. Different Air Nozzles, Different Functions
5. Dust Bag, Easy to install



Kelajuan tanpa beban:3000-13000rpm
QTY/CTN:6 pcs/kadbod
Saiz kadbod:78*39*44cm
N/G berat:16KG/18KG

Apa yang ada dalam Kotak:
1 pc Peniup vakum bertali elektrik
1 pc Beg Habuk
1 pc Saluran Pengumpul


corded air blower with dust bag

electric vacuum cleaner