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12V Portable Agricultural Mist Sprayer Air Blower Gun for Knapsack sprayer

Maximum wind speed: 14-16 m/s.
Operating voltage: 12 V.
Noise: 90-95dB
Maximum speed: 10000 rpm.
Maximum power: 85 W.
Spray distance: 5-6 m

Features of this Agricultural Mist Blower:


  • The use of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic material, exquisite in workmanship and durable in use.
  • Widely used in vegetables, lawns, roadside hedges, fruit trees, tea trees and other crops that require pesticides.
  • The spray distance is approx. 5-6 m, with a long range and a large area, it is suitable for spraying.
  • The speed is 10000 rpm, the large spray area  and the operation is easy and convenient.
  • Exquisite workmanship, reliable quality and stable performance, safe and reliable, it is a practical pesticide sprayer.



Max speed:1000RPM
Spray distance:5m-6m
Maximum wind speed:14-16 m/s
Single color box size:60.5 x 21 x 15 cm
N/G weight:1.4kg/1.7kg

1. Plug the power plug of the blower into the charging interface of the 12V sprayer.
2. Use a 12V lithium battery (8A-16A) as a power source (battery not included).

Package contents:
1 x sprayer (battery not included), 1 x strap, 1 x replacement spray nozzle, 1 x power cable