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Abrasive Wire Drawing Burnishing Wheel Drum Polishing Brush for Eelectric Burnisher

Name:Abrasive Wire Drawing Burnishing Wheel Drum
Material: Abrasive Wire
Size: 120mm*100mm
Hole: 19mm
Grit: 60#,80#,120#,180#,240#,320#
Quantity: 1Pc

The abrasives wire drawing wheel has multiple purpose. It can be used to remove paint, oxide layer, burrs, rust spots on the surface, and change the roughness.

The unique shape can make the surface grind comprehensively and uniformly, with high efficiency. It will good helper and perfect for grinding.

The burnishing brush is made of premium material that is of high quality and wear resistant. It is durable and has long service life, good choice for grinding tool.

Abrasive Nylon Wire Drawing Wheel 120X100mm 1pack(60#,80#,120#,180#,240#,320#)

Abrasive Wire Drum Suitable for kinds of surface, such as flat, curved, concave, convex or irregular surface.

Abrasive Wire Burnishing Brush Great For derusting , deburring and cleaning wooden floor for brushing soft annual rings on wood.

Can be installed to drawing machine, but it Doesn’t fit for porter cable restorer, also It can’t be used with a hand drill.

Great for fine polishing effect, long durability and high efficient performance

Grit Material Nylon wire coated with abrasive grain
Grit TypeFine
Grit Number60#,80#,120#,180#,240#,320#

different size of wire drawing burnisher wheel

size of 120*100mm sanding polishing wheel

abrasives wire roller sizes

Polishing performance:

abrasive wire drawing burnisher wheel for polishing wood