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Non Woven Wire Abrasive Drawing Polishing Burnishing Wheel Flap Brush

Name:Non woven Wire Abrasive Drawing Polishing Burnishing Wheel Flap Brush
Material: Scouring Pad
Size: 120mm*100mm
Hole: 19mm
Grit: 60#,80#,120#,180#,240#,320#
Quantity: 1Pc

About this item

  • 1.Made of high-quality non woven material coated with abrasive, it has strong chipping power and is not easy to wear. When used, the surface will not be blackened by heat, discolored or left residual substances.
  • 2.After polishing and drawing, there will be no difference in the depth of the wire path, which mainly reflects the uniformity of the wire path, fast wire tapping and high efficiency of the workpiece.
  • 3.Non-woven abrasive drawing wheel has an elastic grain-layered nylon fleece for smooth tarnishing, burnishing and polishing stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Also for smoothing wood surfaces.
  • 4.The special abrasive wire is particularly good for stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal structure products polishing and wire drawing effect.
  • 5.After scratching, it can be repaired quickly and deeply. Clear lines, high finish, good polishing effect, wear-resistant, long service life, durable.
Grit MaterialScouring Pad
Applicationfor Surface Treatment Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper,Metal
Construction TypeCoated
Grit Number60#,80#,120#,180#,240#,320#