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2000Pistola sopradora de ar quente com fio W

Potência de entrada: 2000C
Air Flow:280L/600L/min
Embalagem: Caixa de Cores

What are heat guns used for?

Hot air guns play a significant role in many types of work, ranging from home improvement projects to industrial manufacturing. Aerospace, automotive, and boating industries rely on these heavy-duty tools. Regardless of the task, safety awareness is critical when using a power tool with a heated element.

1. Patent Design,exclusive use worldwide
2. Light weight shape,first choice for car film
3. Innovative structure,utility model patent
4. Large Switch design,flexible operation
5. Stepless rotation adjustment,suitable for use requirements
6. Overheating Protection device,safe and reliable

Potência nominal:2000C
Heating temperature:50-650ºC
Air volume:280L/MIN-600L/MIN
Carton box size:45*51*26cm
Carton box weight:8.5kg

pistolas de ar quente

2000w heat gun

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