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1500Martelo de demolição elétrico resistente W Martelo demolidor de concreto

Voltage/Freqency: 220-240V~ 50Hz
Potência de entrada:1500C
Velocidade sem carga:2150/min
Impact Rate:1300/min
Impact force:45J

1500W Electric Demolition Hammer Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker 1300 BPM

A demolition hammer is a powerful tool that is specifically designed for structure demolition. Because it is typically powerful and heavy, it is used to break down a wide range of materials, from wooden walls to concrete floors. It is a necessary tool for all types of construction crews.

1. Durable material and forceful impact provides maximum removal for all day demolition
2.Innovative design offers better weight distribution in both vertical and horizontal applications
3.Rotating chisel locks into different positions to optimize work angles
4. Speed control allows for various jobs, protection, and maintains constant speeds

Tensão: 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Potência nominal: 1500C
Impact Force: 45J
Mandril: SDS HEX
Peso: 16KG

electric demolition hammer

demolition concrete breaker

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