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Electric Sander Burnishing Wire Drawing Machine Burnisher Polisher

180mm 1200W Electric Burnisher Roller Sander Polisher with Wheel

1200W 180mm Electric Burnisher with Abrasive Wheel Sanding Roller Sander Polisher

Our electric burnisher is ideal for finishing and polishing stainless steel metal or wood.
Overload protection assurance guarantees a long working life. Spiral bevel gears allow for an efficient transfer of power from the motor to the spindle, maximizing power and producing a quieter operation. Safety features include a spindle lock that allows for easy and safe removal and tightening of the accessories. The tool has an input rating of 1200W and has a no-load speed of 600-3000 об/мин.


Модель: ETRP01-1200
Сила: 1200Вт
Напряжение/частота: 220V/50Hz
Нет скорости загрузки: 600-3000об/мин
Dia of wheel: 180мм
Упаковка: color box
Размер коробки: 47*30*32см
КОЛ-ВО/КТП: 4шт/кор
Вес NG: 19KG/20KG

electric burnisher machine

roller sander polisher

electric sander burnisher polisher for metal