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280Máy điều khiển máy khoan có dây cầm tay hạng nặng W

Quality 280W 10mm Corded Drill Driver factory supplier from China

280W Electric Corded Drill Driver Machine for Sale

A power corded drill can be used primarily for boring holes in nearly all materials, the electric drill can also be used for a variety of other tasks, facilitated by a number of accessories and attachments. These include sanding, screwdriving, mài, and mixing paint to name but a few.

Người mẫu: ETED02-280
Tần số điện áp: 220V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
Kích thước chuck: 10mm
Công suất định mức: 280W
Dây cáp điện: 2m VDE certification
Qty/CTN: 10 PCS / CTN
Kích thước thùng carton: 50*39.5*25cm
Carton N/G Weight: 15kg/16kg

280W power drill driver

corded drill driver

power screwdriver machine