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660W Woodworking Tool Electric Wood Hand Planer 3-1/4 Inch

Electric Hand Planer, 16000Rpm 3-1/4-Inch Power Wood Planer

Electric Hand Planer, 16000Rpm 3-1/4-Inch Wood Planer

A hand planer can pare off just a thin slice of wood, no tool is better for shaving the edge of a sticking door, chamfering the corner of a board, or straightening one that is twisted or warped. That’s why most carpenters still pack a hand plane or two in their toolboxes.

Product Feature:
1.660W high power motor for heavy duty use
2.Aluminum body design, longer use life
3.Soft grip for comfortable operation
4.Easy to carry

Item No.:ETEP660
Power source.:Corded Electric
Planing Depth:82*1mm
Voltan Ternilai:220-240V
Rated Frequency:50-60HZ
Kuasa Input Dinilai:660W
Kelajuan Tanpa Beban:16000rpm
Saiz kotak warna:35*20*18cm
Berat badan:about 3.3kg

electric hand planer for woodworking

Power Planer for Woodworking