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1200Máy trộn bê tông cầm tay cầm tay W cho vữa xi măng vữa thạch cao

1200W 900RPM Cement, oil paint, Putty powder, fodder ,Plaster electric mixer

Electric Paint mixers, as their name suggests, are used for mixing paint. They have a collet diameter of 14 mm and a variable motor speed starting from 600 revolutions per minute, which can go higher depending upon the viscosity of the paint and usage. Electric paint mixers can be used for domestic as well as professional jobs.

You don’t need a concrete mixer if you’re just filling in a small area or fixing a little fracture. You might potentially save hundreds of dollars by mixing your concrete in a wheelbarrow or bucket. If your project is much bigger, then consider a concrete mixer.

【 Powerful Motor 】 Concrete mixer with a powerful 1200 W motor, 220 V/50 HZ, 270-900 RPM motor, suitable for mixing oil paint, cement, fodder, resins, printing ink, thin-set mortar, plaster, cementitious adhesives, and other mid viscosity liquids. Note: This product cannot be used for concrete that contains a fluid cement mixture and large particles (rock)

【 Adjustable 6 Speed 】 With a self-locking switch and 6 speeds, the high and low gears can handle a wide range of materials. The dual-paddle mixer uses a screw-shaped paddle to mix materials thoroughly and effectively, saving you a ton of time and preventing mortar from spraying all over the place.

【Overheating protection】 Increase the air outlet and use a porous heat dissipation design, which can dissipate heat more quickly and last longer. The cement mixer will shut down automatically when it becomes too hot.

【Easy Operation】 You don’t need to hold down the trigger while mixing thanks to the operation locking switch and the dual ergonomic grip on both sides, which reduces finger strain and working strength.

【External carbon brush holder design】 The carbon brush holder is externally designed, which the carbon brushes can be easily and quickly be replaced and make maintenance easier.


Người mẫu: ETEM01-1200
Product Name: 1200W electric paint mixer for cement Stirling
Quyền lực: 1200W
Không có tốc độ tải: 900RPM
single color box size: 31*31*20cm
single color box weight: 4.3kg
PCS / CTN: 4 pcs
Kích thước thùng carton: 50*33.5*42cm
Carton weight: 17.2kg/19.5kg

Paint mixing machine Suitable for Mixing Cement, oil paint, Putty powder, fodder ,Plaster, Etc.

electric mixer suitable for these materials