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900Máy trộn bột bả điện W để trộn vữa vữa

900W 900RPM Cement, oil paint, Putty powder, fodder ,Plaster electric mixer

Putty mixer machine rod length: 60cm

Mixer machine rod diameter:14mm

Electric Putty Mixer is used for efficient mixing of paint and wall putty.

You don’t need a concrete mixer if you’re just filling in a small area or fixing a little fracture. You might potentially save hundreds of dollars by mixing your concrete in a wheelbarrow or bucket. If your project is much bigger, then consider a concrete mixer.


Người mẫu: ETEM01-900
Product Name: 900W electric putty mixer
Quyền lực: 900W
Không có tốc độ tải: 900RPM
Variable speed Control: yes
single color box size: 29X13X28.5cm
single color box weight: 4.5kg
PCS / CTN: 5 pcs
Kích thước thùng carton: 67*31*30.5cm
Carton weight: 21.5kg/22.5kg

máy trộn bột bả điện

paint putty mixer machine

900W putty mixer machine

electric concrete mixing machine


Suitable for Mixing Cement, oil paint, Putty powder, fodder ,Plaster, Etc.

electric mixer suitable for these materials